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VR4two is an index on multi-user VR experiences. It is maintained by Sander Veenhof, an independent developer of formats based on interactions happening in both the virtual and the physical realm. After working with augmented reality for years, he currently creates multi-user VR experiences, to be used by people at one location. The opportunity to reach a pop-up audience anywhere anytime with mobile AR or VR, thanks to the smartphone in everyone's pocket, as a fascination of Veenhof. But at the same time, he has his concerns too about the growing impact of technology on our society, which is turning our personal life into a complicated ICT project. His creations, often cooperations with (theatre)writers or performance artists, promote an alternative approach to technology. With a focus on fiction, instead of efficiency. Local encounters, instead of global connectedness. And a preference for lo-tech solutions, sometimes leading to an even more immersive experience than a hi-tech effort. As shown in the GuesswhatVR 360 quiz or the guided "cyborg" walks through a GPS-based VR landscape where a human was used to enrich technology, and to move beyond the limitations of technology.